Machinery and equipment

1. Cutter 2.Worm conveyor 3. Dryer 4. Cooler 5. Granulator 6. Silo 7Hot air agregate

The line is designed for producing breadcrumbs with hygienic processing of bakery products, intermediate products, eg. rolls, loaves suitable for this purpose.

Functional configuration
Line consists of a cutter (1), rotary drier (2), a cooling tower (3), a granulator (4), container (5), packing machine (6), the source of hot air (7), transport routes D1 to D5 and aspiration. Line has a variable configuration.

Technological characteristic of line
Cutter (4) cuts eg. loaves into small pieces - cuttings, which are transfered with conveyor D1 together with hot air from a source (7) to a rotary dryer (2). Dried and hot cuttings are transported from the dryer D2 to the enter of the cooling tower (3) where it is cooled and freed of the residual moisture. Cuttings conveyor D3 then fed it into the granulator (4) that will process the cuttings to the desired grain size of  breadcrumbs. From here you have breadcrumbs conveyor transportation to the D4 container (5) and with another conveyor D5 to the packing machine (6).

Technical parameters of the line
Line performance - 120 ÷ 150 kg of breadcrumbs per hour
Humidity of semifinished goods max. 40 %
The temperature of the drying air max. 150 °C
Average consumption of natural gas 4 ÷ 8 m3/hour

Special purpose machinery

  • Line for recycling textile waste tire processing components
  • Link to grind biscuits
  • Ramps with electric lift
  • Equipment lines for slitting metal
    • stĺkač
    • conveyor
    • folding table
  • Universal beam suspension with extension
  • Self-unloading containers
  • Hydrotechnical facilities - the floodgates with electromechanical drive
  • Segment seals water management nodes with hydraulic drive